Gluten-Free Wheat-Free…

We are a dedicated gluten-free wheat-free artisan bakery producing handmade bread, cakes and tarts.   Made without preservatives, and using only the finest quality ingredients, our products taste homemade and are so delicious you won’t know that they’re gluten-free!

You will find our gluten-free wheat-free pancake recipe here.

Feast your eyes on some photos of our gluten-free products… click on the images for further details.  Click here for details of our fabulous gluten-free wheat-free Christmas Hamper.

We also supply lemon-scented madeira cakes… naturally gluten-free wheat-free and dairy-free. (Photo to follow)

Click here for a list of our current stockists.

 All our products are ready to eat so you can delve in straight away!  They have a similar shelf-life to ‘normal’ bread and cakes but are also suitable for freezing.

To read customer reviews of our products, visit The Gluten-Free Foodie on Facebook.